Comprehensive tech partnership for your startup.

We are an elite team of designers and engineers specializing in custom web application development and maintenance. Our specialty is helping startups to maximize the impact of limited budgets. We offer a broad range of technical partnership services, ranging from CTO-level consultative advice, all the way down to ongoing maintenance of production applications.

Our founder Obie Fernandez is a noted technical conference speaker, blogger and bestselling author. He wrote the book commonly referred to as the “bible” of Ruby on Rails and is considered one the world’s top experts on that platform. He’s also been a leading proponent of lightweight Agile development methodologies since the early 2000s, and is a thought leader in the emerging modern agile movement.

Our technical staff consists of world-class specialists in modern web design, JavaScript, CSS, Rails and React. Depending on your needs, we can deploy your product on a traditional platform providers such as Heroku, or using a cutting-edge serverless microservices architecture on AWS.

Together we can design, implement and deliver products that are fast, reliable and user-friendly.